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Testimonial (2001-----2020)

Anxiety Disorder / Depression / Trichotillomania / Nana N ….Glendale….2020

I have suffered from Anxiety disorder and depression and I had taken antidepressant for 5 years, on top of that I had a disease called “Trichotillomania”. It is a disorder involves irresistible urges to pull our hair. In my case, Eyebrows and Eye lashes. I did it in midnight and couldn’t stop it and I had it for 5 years. At one point it had gotten worse and worse and I wake up crying because my eye brows were gone!

Medicine didn’t help at all, I even worn boxing gloves to sleep and I even shaved my eyebrows so that I’ll have nothing to pull. Nope! Didn’t work!

Never tried acupuncture but decided to give it a shot because I was devastated.

Dr. Lam was so generous and he gave his all and I also kept going for 8 months. Miracle happened. I stopped pulling! On top of it I slowly stopped taking medication and that took me half a year. Needles heal! Now my eyebrows don’t need makeup! I don’t think I can ever payback Dr. Lam. Even though I paid him money. But I feel like I still owe him a lot! I am very determined person;  so I recommend this angel to you. And good luck! Be persistent and it will pay off!

Pain Management/weight loss/ allergy…..Siri S......Burbank …..2020

Dr. Lam is the doctor I choose to see for anything and everything. When I had the flu, allergy, fractured my foot, needed to lose weight, insomnia, he treated me for all these symptoms and more over the years I have been seeing him. He is very gentle with the needles, supportive and very knowledgeable. It is always a joy and treats for me to see Dr. Lam. I recommend him to all my friends and they are all amazed after they leave his office. I am amazed every time I see him, how great I feel and how fast I see the results. It would be so hard to move away because he is the best doctor and I trust him completely and you couldn’t find a doctor who is so caring, knowledgeable and professional at his work. I love the herbs and natural things he recommends also. He is always positive and encouraging and has a great outlook in life. He is a beautiful kind soul; I know I am in good hands when I see Dr. Lam

Auto-Immune disorder/stress /IBS/ thyroid function…… Nora K……Burbank…..2020

I have been seeing Dr. Lam for over two years for treatment of various auto-immune disorder ailments, as well as back injury which was treated only one session! Following my sessions, I have seen significant improvement in my mood, stress levels, thyroid function, digestives issue and mental clarity. I highly recommend Dr. Lam’s service for mind & Body rejuvenation.

Hormonal Balancing Acupuncture for wellbeing……………Becka M......Beverly Hills 2020

Dr. Lam is a brilliant and talented acupuncturist. Every visit is a gift! He is very knowledgeable about the human body and health. He offers deep insights for healing and anti-aging. I feel better every time I leave his office. I highly recommend him, his healing hands and calm, fun spirit. He has given me many ideas and suggestions to be my absolute healthiest. He cares deeply about his patient and is passionate about his work.

Pain management--------------Sprained Back.........Nick.D, Burbank 2019

I saw Dr. Lam in December 2018 after throwing my back out. I was unable to walk, sit down, or lay down, and was in extreme pain and discomfort. Following my first session with Dr. Lam which consisted of acupuncture and cupping therapy, I felt significantly better and gained some mobility upon leaving the clinic. I returned for my second session a few days later and walked out with zero pain which have not returned for four month now. I cannot thank Dr. lam enough for his expertise and generosity.

Bell's Palsy ..................Yanet Youwakim , La Crestenta 2019

About two weeks after getting diagnosed with Bell's Palsy,I went to see Dr. Lam for acupuncture treatment. My symptoms were sudden facial paralysis to the right side of my face, difficulty in closing my eyelids, chewing food, drooling, talking, no ability to taste, numbness, and pain in my ear. I was feeling extremely frustrated, sad and afraid.

If you are reading this review and you are going through the same thing i know exactly how you are feeling. My best advice is to put yourself in the hands of Dr. Lam, he brought me back to recovery with acupuncture treatments and herbs. Dr Lam is one of the most personal, compassionate, and kind doctors I have ever met. Dr. Lam will take the time to listen to your concerns, ensure you're comfortable, and explain everything fully. He will give you the confidence, treatment, and care that you need.

Pain Management / Melasma / Face-Abdominal acupuncture for Hormonal Balancing for Well being --------------E. Rodugies, Los Angeles 2019

I have been a patient of Dr. Lam's for 2 plus years now. I came in for back issues and now visit him at least once every 3 weeks. Since, I've been treating with Dr. Lam I've noticed a great deal of improvement in my overall well being, not only do I feel a difference while I 'm relaxing during my session I feel the affects days later as well. Recently, I went in for my knee and the next day I felt so much better and since i'd say it has improved 80% and that's just one visit.
I also suffer from Melasma from taking birth control for several years and he has managed to reduce it tremendously while promoting skin elasticity.
Dr Lam's office is very calming and soothing. He makes sure you are comfortable and has an excellent bed-side manner. I've had acupuncture in the past but nothing compares to Dr. Lam's method. I will be Dr. Lam's faithful patient for a very long time.

Pain management / Face-Neck Lift / Hormonal Balancing...........S Derian, Glendale 2019

I have been receiving acupuncture treatment at Mind Body Wellness for years now and I can't express enough gratitude for how the treatments have significantly benefited my overall health and well being. Dr Lam is highly knowledgeable and a rue professional in his field. His acupuncture techniques are like no other's. I find so much relief during my visits and the sense of well-being continues long after. I have benefited in so many ways from Dr. Lam's acupuncture treatments including relaxation, hormonal balancing, pain relief, migraine relief, emotional balancing and even anti-aging benefits!
One of the many positive effects of Dr Lam's acupuncture techniques is that it takes yeas off your face by firming and toning your facial muscles giving you a lasting lifting result! I will always be grateful for being introduced to Mind Body Wellness Center and am thankful for Dr. Lam's treatment for making a positive difference in my life. Thank you Dr. Lam

Pain Management / Sprain.........Yannie W......Glendale 2019

我弄傷膝蓋,骨頭裂破,疼和腫脹。打電話去約針刺。林醫師告訴我先不要花錢,先用意大利香菜 與 Cilantro 煮水喝再预约,喝了一星期後,腫消也不疼。然後去針灸。第一次去針刺,那針一刺耳朵,立刻可以正常走路,治療完了以後,腿快70% 回復正常。林醫師告訴我用鳳梨隔天煮水喝,情況繼續改善,一星期後再針刺,已經90% 復原。林醫師很有醫德,針灸神奇,超好!
I hurt my knee, my bones are cracked, it hurts and the knee was swollen. Call to get acupuncture session. Dr. Lam told me not to spend money first, start with drinking Italian parsley and Cilantro water for a week then make an appointment later. After drinking for a week, the swelling and pain went down then I make my first acupuncture appointment. At the first visit , the needle puncture on my ear and immediately I can walked normally. After the treatment, the leg was 70% recovered and returned to normal. Dr. Lam told me to boil pineapple and drink the water every other day. The situation continued to improve. After a week, I have my second acupuncture session. I was recovering 90%. Dr. Lam is very medically ethical, His acupuncture techniques are amazing, very good!

Testicular pain .............M. Allison ........ Beverly Hill 2019

Dr. Lam's offices are clean and professional. During my first visit, Dr. Lam assessed my issues and provided a plan to treatment me. He is patience, professional and I feel comfortable with him. Since I started seeing Dr. Lam, my ailments issues have gotten better and continue to improve. My physical and mental health have improved immensively . Thank you Dr. Lam

Pain Management/ Knee/Shoulder/ hip/ Face lift Acupuncture.....C.Russo......Santa Clarita 2018

I love the Mind Body Wellness Center. Dr. Lam really listens to what is bothering you and gets to the roo of the problem. He is very knowledgeable about what is causing the problem and how to clear the pathway to healing. I'm 59 and pretty active, over the years he has treated me for knee pain, shoulder pain and hip pain. I even had face-lift acupuncture, why spend tons of $$$ to put something into body when acupuncture can help. Certain problems may take a series of sessions to unblock and heal an area. During your session you feel very comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Lam truly cares about his patients and helping them.

Pain Management / OCD / Anxiety / Deparession........ John Z ...........Santa Clarita 2018

I originally brought my son to Dr. Lam because of his issues with OCD, anxiety and Depression. I had heard about acupuncture would help. Even though I was skeptic, I wanted to try everything I could help for my son. I never had acupuncture myself so I thought I would try it to relieve stress.
After just one treatment, I was hooked. I felt amazing after my treatment. I have been going to Dr.Lam for about 2 years now. During this time, he has also treated me for headache,and pain in my foot. If you have tried other forms of medicine that haven't worked, try acupuncture. Even if you don't have any major problems, you leave with such a great feeling of overall peace and serenity. My son son, my wife and I all recommend Dr. Lam

Pain Management / Allergies ---------------------------- Karen Gedissman. Lakeview Terrace 2018

Dr. Lam is absolutely incredible. He’s always helped me with any issue I’ve had in going to him. Highly skilled, kind, attentive and available. I would recommend him to anyone.

Pain Management ----------------Pauline W. Long Beach 2018

Dr Lam is a very spiritual provider who knows how to help them with his therapy. His bedside manner is fabulous. He explains his therapy fully and makes anyone who goes there trust him with his recommendations for therapy. I work as a nurse and whenever I pull any muscles or if I have any injury, I know I will always have Dr Lam to put me right. Thank you Dr Lam.

Auto Injuries -------------------------- (Dr) Robert W. Hackney, Beverly Hills, 2017

Dr. Lam, your exceptionally efficacious acupuncture treatments have significantly reduced my severe pain to essentially zero; and thereby, reduced my need for powerful pain medications, i.e., Percocet and Norco, to a very, infrequent, PRN. While treating with you,since my Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA): my balance is rapidly approaching normal;now, I am fully ambulatory; I am regaining the functionality of, both, my L4 and L5 root nerves;and, a third neurosurgery is no longer on the horizon to relieve the, combined, sequelae from both cervical and lumbar herniated discs. Additionally the excruciatingly, severe, pain in both shoulders, neck, lower back and my wrist have returned to being manageable with semi-annual injections of Depo-Medrol (methylprednisolone acetate)

I very appreciate having received the highly, efficacious, benefits from your knowledge, expertise, experience, compassion and intuitive healing practice; using acupuncture treatments. Your genre of Eastern Medicine (which, parenthetically, is over 3,000 years old) has provided me with the very "best of the best" from my team of Doctors practicing Western, as well as...., concomitantly, you Eastern Medicine.


I experienced difficulty and discomfort with urination for over 10 years, after visiting several M.Ds and experts in this area, and be prescribed several medications which did not help, I was advised to undergo surgery, which I was reluctant to do. Instead, at the recommendation of a good friend, I went to Dr. Lam. After 3 months of weekly sessions with Dr. Lam, my problem was completely normal.

Dr. Lam is now helping me with tinnitus, and I have already seen improvement with his problem after only a month of weekly sessions with Dr. Lam. Dr. Lam is professional, sensitive, caring and effective, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone, as I have to my wife and daughters who are also benefiting from his services.

...................Sincerely, Richard K, Glendale, 2016

Great customer service and results!! I have been going for about half a year for both pain management and for acupuncture for my face. I usually have clear skin but began suffering from REALLY bad break outs until I visited Dr. Lam and his associate. WOW! My face is completely clear and my skin is so smooth. People always ask me my age because they are amazed at how youthful my skin looks and I credit that to Dr. Lam.

I had gone for back pain as well and it is Completely gone! Dr. Lam and his associate are so helpful, professional, and extremely accommodating. I have a crazy work schedule and I have called at the last minute but they usually are able to squeeze me in for an appointment. I HIGHLY recommend both Dr. Lam & his associate. I have gotten GREAT results from them and will continue going since acupuncture helps with so many different symptoms and conditions! 

---------------- Me M. Glendale 2015 

I have BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia for over 10 years. When over-the counter supplements finally stopped working, I have to resort to western medicine and drugs which hand terrible side effects. I later tried the alternative approach of herbs, acupuncture, and diet, which was very, very slow to show results and very costly. So God’s Will led me to Dr. Lam, and within minutes of our first meeting, he instantly recognized the reason for the slow or no improvements from previous treatments I had been receiving. His “whole body approach”, and individualized information has helped me significantly and in less time than I expected. I am not finished with treatments because there are improvements every week. Since Dr. Lam and Dr. Yang have been up front with their knowledge and understanding of my particular situation, I will recommend their service to anyone that’s seeking an alternative approach for their health concerns. 

---------------- Charlie P., Sylmar, CA 2015 

Great place for acupuncture and therapeutic massage. 

Dr. Lam is very professional, accurate and attentive. Beside very helpful acupuncture sessions, he always gives me great advice on diet and lifestyle changes that has been extremely helpful. He is very knowledgeable about the body and mind as a whole mechanism and can link all together.  Plus, he is a very pleasant and positive person himself! 

Rick is a very talented message professional.  The difference with his sessions is that it is not just a simple relaxing massage sessions you can book anywhere - Rick is focusing on therapeutic benefits of massage targeting specific areas that are affected.  If you go see him regularly, he will often do various options of massage methods to find out which ones works best for you.  He is always asking if all is comfortable for you and if not; quickly adjust the technique to fit your needs. I always feel very relaxed and energized after the sessions and can definitely feel the difference and improvement. 

----------------  Melanie M Los Angeles 2014 

Very Professional and Dr. Lam did a great job with my back pain... Didn't believe in Acupuncture before now a firm believer

----------Jake G. Glendale 2013

Since I have been coming to your office for acupuncture, my life has been changed, all my hormonal problems have been cured along with my digestive problems with your treatments. I have been looking younger and feeling young. My face lift has been attracted so many people and I have lost 10  pounds. You are an excellent doctor of acupuncture and with your unique treatments and very generous. You work for good result.
---------J.B. Burbank 2012

Thank you Dr. Lam and Dr. Yang for making our wishes come true. Our son was born on September 15. God bless you.
-----Nike Y Pasadena 2012

Dr. Lam, it is such a gift in my life! I just want you to know how much I appreciate every needles that you have ever "Stuck" me with every lesson you have shared with me. One of my favorite lessons this year was the apple seeds. After that lesson, I placed some decorative apples around my piano and creative work space. Now, every time I look at them, I remind my self that when you plant a seed Now and nurture it, it will bring you a plentiful harvest. Thank you for everything
---------Eileen。Beverly Hills 2011

Dr. Lam, thank you so much for the treatment. My heart feet thanks to talking to my husband. Great positive future for all of us with helping each other grows.

---------P. C. New port beach, 2011

I am very thankful to have met you this year Dr. Lam! When I think if words to express how important you are to me,I realize that words will never fully express everything that I feel. You are an amazing person that I feel blessed to know. Our mind body acupuncture sessions are very special to me and I always excited and eager to learn what you teach me and I know that I have grown so much as a person because of our session together. I am very appreciative of every session I have had with you ( I even enjoy doing my homework). Thank you for all the love you have shown me, all the patience you have granted me and the absolute joy you have brought to my life.

--------E.M. Beverly Hills 2011

When I came to see Dr. Lam, I was in a major transitional period in my life. I was tormented by an eating disorder I carried with me from my teenage years---something I simply failed to overcome. It took 7 years. -----One day, as if by chance I stumbled upon Dr Lam’s website and in a couple of months, he helped me find myself and master my demons. I am very grateful and will always come to see him to re-connect with my spirit. 

-----A.Ceren , 10/10/ 2010

When I first came to see Dr. Lam my blood pressure was around 200/100, I had a big “pot belly” and weigh 205 pounds. (I am 6’1”tall). Within three months under Dr. Lam’s care, my weight was down to around 175-180 lbs, my stomach was flat and my blood pressure was 140/80. The Chinese herbs and acupuncture, plus proper diet and exercise did the trick. I have the highest praise for Dr Lam and Dr Yang.
-----Ronald Holm, 08/11/2010

Dear Dr Lam and Dr. Yang, I just want to thank you form the bottom of our heart for letting God work through you in giving us our baby or babies. I can’t thank you enough, you have been great.
-----Jacque and Caroline, Glendale, April, 2010

It’s has been a wonderful experience. Not having to count on surgery and drugs. I have felt immense change, I have no pain, I have returned to my work and my day to day life. But most importantly thanks to Doctor Lam, I am leaving with the knowledge of how to treat my body.
-----J. Villanvera 04/14/2010

8 years ago I was diagnosed with vasculitis. My blood work was the worst rheumatologists had seen, and I was told I would die if I didn’t take high doses of Prednisone and Plaquenil. Skip ahead to 2007, when I had been off the steroids for 2 years because I’d developed every possible side effect, all of which I was still experiencing even though I was no longer taking them. I’d gained 30 pounds of retained water that wouldn't go away no matter how much I exercised or how healthy I ate. My kidneys weren't working and my bowels weren't moving. I developed rheumatoid arthritis in my fingers and wrists and tendonitis in my ankles and achilles that was so bad I could barely walk around my house. Dr. Lam had an ENORMOUS task ahead of him when he took me on as a patient 3 years ago. But skip ahead to 2010, and I have lost the 30 pounds and kept it off, my kidneys and bowels are working perfectly, I only notice I have rheumatoid arthritis when there’s a severe weather change, and even then the pain is a tiny percentage of what it what. And my tendonitis is completely healed and I can walk again! The vasculitis has improved a MILLION percent, and is still improving! I have gone from "worst blood results seen" in terms of vasculitis to now fully believing I will be completely cured, and this is all thanks to Dr. Lam. I had to be patient to see these kinds of results, and it is hard to believe you are going to be healed when you've tried countless Western doctors and many Eastern doctors and are somehow just getting worse and worse. But Dr. Lam was patient when I wasn't... He believed that I would be cured when I wasn't entirely certain... and before long, I came to trust him entirely. He is a wonderful doctor who truly works miracles, and a great person as well.
-----B.P., Burbank ,2010

Dr. Lam is a wonderful doctor, insightful with a holistic approach to medicine. He has help me immensely. He has somehow manage to lower my blood pressure, helped me with “White Coat Hypertension”, lower my cholesterol and help me with sexual dysfunction. I am amazed and grateful.
-----Robert H. Pasadena Sept , 2009

Dr. Lam is amazing. I went to see him for chronic sinus allergies. For four years my sinuses got worse and worse until I had virtually non-stop sinus congestion, inflammation, post-nasal drip and related chest colds and sinus infections. It only took about 2-3 months of regular acupuncture, dietary advice from Dr. Lam, and herbs for my sinuses to completely clear. I can now breathe freely all the time and don't need to take medicines such as Sudafed or Claritin. I also experienced better digestion and clearer skin as a result of my overall better health.

I subsequently started a weight-loss program with Dr. Lam due to the good results with my sinuses, and was amazed to see the scale drop, drop, and drop over the weeks. I honestly did not think I would lose much weight, maybe just a few pounds, but I was interested in at least cleaning up my digestion for my overall health. I was amazed, I mean amazed, to watch my pants loosen and the weight drop. I know need to belt almost all my pants and skirts. It seems almost magical to me, but it's true: IT WORKS. I made the commitment to this Dr. Lam and his health program, in all I've been seeing him for almost 5 months on a very regular basis, and I am very I glad I did.
-----Anna, 38 years old, Pasadena CA , 2009

I have been going to see Dr. Lam for a few years now. He is an amazing doctor and a healer. Whenever I leave his office I instantly feel great, He has treated me for so many things like the flu, stomach bloating and stress. But this time I got really sick, I had eaten some raw seafood which gave me parasites. My whole face and body broke out in a horrible rash. Dr. Lam treated me with his Chinese Medicine and acupuncture which relieved the stress in my body right away. The itching was so horrendous, he gave me a cream which soothe and relieve my itching. After several treatments I am much better now. He has so much wisdom, kindness and care for his patients; I am very blessed to have him as my doctor.
-----Siri S Glendale 8/5/2009

There is just no way to put into words the kindness and amazing expertise that Dr. Lam possesses. In the course of less than a year my wife had been cured of a potentially terminal blood clot condition, had a severely bruised back and left tricep completely healed and both my wife and I have experienced tremendous weight loss. None of this would have been possible without Dr. Lams gracious care. There is just no way that my wife and I can truly express our eternal love and gratitude to Dr. Lam for the lives and the health that we are now able to enjoy. Thank you for everything that you have done.
-----Scott and Nena, Glendale 7/26/2009

I am an athlete and pain is part of being one, however, the kind of pain I was the last couple weeks since my injury exceeded anything I had felt before. Dr. Lam insight and treatments bought such relief. I feel so much better! I can go back and play again. You are the best! Thank you so much! Much love,
-----Alexa T, Beverly Hills, 2009

I am so happy with my weight loss program. Before I came to see Dr. Lam, I was 50 Ibs over weight. I have given up losing weight; I have been exercising, restricting my calories and taking lots of vitamins but lost nothing, just gaining.

When I came to see Dr. Lam, I was no longer dieting and exercising. So surprising to me: each week my weight would go down. I am at the half way mark and I am so confident that I will reach my desire natural weight... So easy!!

So many changes since I have been seeing Dr. Lam for Mind Body Acupuncture. Normalizes my irregular menses cycle, got rid of incontinence, my various veins are disappearing, my digestion is better, my lower back pain disappeared, my posture is many time better, my skin color went from ashy while to youthful, I grew more hair(thicker). I have lots of energy and his list is just a few of the improvement.

-----Juie B, Glendale, 2009

The knowledge and healing power Dr. Lam gives his patients is experiential. I found Dr. Lam a month and ½ after being hit by a car (while riding my bicycle). I came to him on April 22/2008 with three broken toes and a foot that was swollen, stiff, bruised and not functional. My request was to be able to go back to work and walk normally, while on a business trips to Japan.

With only two weeks (exactly 6 treatments) to spare, Dr. Lam reduced my pain and promoted my healing to 95% recovered. Not only does Dr. Lam answer his own phone, but he gives each patient as much as they can give him. Not only am I ready for my trip but I am ready for my new life, with a healthier altitude, both physically and mentally. Because of Dr. Lam, I am once again fully function and moving around like I did before.

-----Seth Saint Vincent. (Hollywood May, 2008)

For 1 ½ years I suffered from an aggressive skin disorder MORGALLENS.
I had deep open sores on my face for 9 weeks when I had my first treatment with Dr. Lam. They instantly reacted and stopped their action. With the 2nd treatment they started to heal and continued to rapidly heal until they were all gone. (Treatment from 05/03 –5/13. Six sessions in 2 weeks)

So I humble myself by being an example for you.( People who have MORGALLENS skin disease.

That’s how GRATEFUL I am to be well again. And now I can remove all the scaring it had left me. I am FREE of this illness. (I didn’t think I could be cured—I tried everything). Thank you so much Dr. Lam, I am so grateful.

-----Janette B. ( Beverly Hills May 2008)

After years of struggling with IBS, increased medication and great frustration; I am now medication and IBS free after 5 treatments with Dr. Lam’s unique acupuncture treatments. What a pleasure to now live pain free without side effects of medication. Thank you Dr. Lam
-----S.Barbara., Glendale, 2008

I came to Dr. Lam initially because I was experiencing excessive gas and stomach bloating. I started feeling significant relief after the first two sessions. Within 6 weeks, my symptoms were 80% eliminated. I have been so impressed and happy with Dr. Lam’s warm, wise and nurturing personality that I now see him weekly for ‘Maintenance” plus “Preventative medicine”. My gas and bloating is 100% cured and I feel rejuvenated and energized after every session with Dr. Lam. He is the absolute best!!
-----Vanessa Bradley, Beverly Hills, 2008

I suffered from chronic sinusitis for 2 years until I found Dr. Lam in his Beverly Hills office. Curing a severe sinus issue takes patience and commitment however if you possess these two characteristics. Dr, Lam shows you the way from there. His approach is holistic and thoughtful. My results through acupuncture have been fantastic. I jokingly refer to Dr. Lam as "The Miracle Worker"
-----David L. Dixon, West Hollywood , 2007

quot;I have waited 9 years for someone to help me with my psoriasis and arthritis. I have visited rheumatologists, dermatologists, and primary physicians who have prescribed every chemical-based cream and ointment. When a rheumatologist informed me that my psoriasis and arthritis are permanent, that there is no known cure, and that I would be on steroids for the rest of my life, I decided to look elsewhere. I am very happy to have met Dr. Lam in Dec 08, 2006.. In three months, he had cured my psoriasis and arthritis without the use of chemicals. I returning to being the young, vibrant, and athletic person I was ten years ago. Thank You."
-----N.D. Glendale 2007

"Dr. Lam, I credit you a great deal for the improvement of my overall health and well-being. For the first time, my last menstruation cycle went down to 7 days---what a blessing. I just wanted to let you know that I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me. I will never be able to thank you enough. In the spirit of love, joy and gratitude, I hope that you will accept my gift as a token of my deep appreciation for your time, healing energy, wisdom and kindness. Thank you so much for being there when my health was really failing-I will never forget your generosity"
-----T. S, Beverly Hills

"My experience with Dr. Lam has been a tremendous one. He is kind and compassionate, full of wisdom, experience and knowledge. His unique combination of acupuncture, mind, body, and spirit wellness leaves me feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and at complete peace each and every time leave his office. Thank you from the depths of my heart, Dr. Lam."
-----Noelle Meade 

"I finally met Dr. Lam in Feb, 2006 after a very long needy two years of extremely pain due to a bad case of hemorrhoids. I have already seen other acupuncturists and healers; still the problems were not solved. This may sound unreal, but after only one session with Dr. Lam, the pain decreased of a good 80% and my life start changing for the better. I now see him once a month, looking very forward to the hour with him, not only for the Mind body acupuncture treatment, but also for the great support he gives me through his counseling and insight"
------ S.P. Los Angeles 2006

"In just over a month of receiving abdominal treatment from Dr. Lam (2001, Feb) for my asthma and stomach issue, I lost three inches from my waist. During this process, and still to this day 2006, I experience increased energy & libido, better digestion, regular bowel movements, more flexibility.can bend down to tie my shoes, wear my favorite clothing, look & feel great, have a better self-esteem and sense of well-being"
----- Shane Hipfel, San Diego 2001

"I was very ill and close to dying in 2002. I suffered from diabetic neuropathy, severe stomach pain, internal bleeding for several years. Dr. Lam kept coming to my home; he did not give up on me. Through acupressure and medical qigong therapy, the symptoms have vanished, my health is greatly improved and I am my old self again. Now I see him once a month in Beverly Hill wellness center for health maintenance"
----- Sue Herrmann, Santa Monica 2002

"At age 60, many people commented that I looked younger. I owe Dr. Lam for giving back my health and strength. He treated me in April, 2002, when I seek his help for impotency, hair lost, poor eye sight, and ringing in the ear. Base on the Mind-body acupuncture diagnosis by him, and knowing the message behind my problem. I integrated Body, Mind, and Soul toward optimal health. Now I can see clearly, hair is growing back, and impotency is no more an issue. Thanks for Dr. Lam's patience and compassion. I felt like a new man with new vision and hope for my life"
----- K. Chang, Diamond Bar 2002