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Free Classes

We will be organizing and offering Free Classes on the Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mind Body Soul balancing in the Wellness Center.

Interesting topic by Dr. Ronnie Lam including:

For the Body:(About your present)
  • Acupuncture and the Left /Right Brain.
  • No secrets under the needles
  • Every acupuncture point has a story to tell

For the Mind:(About your past)
  • Knowing your characters in 10 min
  • Understand the illness’s message in 5 min
  • The body that reveal your story in 1 min
  • Know others in 30 sec

For the Soul ( About your future)
  • The Mind that Heal
  • What you belief is what you get
  • Our Divine Virtues that have been ignored

Please check back to this page for future scheduled classes.

P/s Patient who currently receive “Mind-Body Acupuncture Treatment” program to treat Chorological Dis-ease from Dr. Lam, get all this information that heal their illness and transform their life.