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Subconscious Repatterning Program

Awakening the Creatinve Energy that will Transform your Life
  1. Explore your present patterns and improve your life to achieve your goals
  2. Discover your old patterns and transform negative thought
  3. Understand the future pattern and establish mind and body integration
From the programme you are enable to:
  1. Recognise your repeating pattern that creates the problem you are having and facing now
  2. Eliminate stress, negative thoughts, and unneccesary worries that may or may not happen
  3. Transforming negative thoughts and manifesting the power of positive thinking
  4. Discover inner peace and inner strength to overcome obstacles that come along your path
  5. Awakening the inner power that help you to expand your opportunities and possibilities
Achieving Goals such as:
  1. Weigh Loss
  2. Quit Smoking
  3. Be More Confident and Increase Self esteem
  4. Meeting New Friend
  5. Creating Financial Stability and Eliminating Financial Stress
  6. Increase your Sales and Income
  7. Get a Better Job and become Boss yourself
  8. Meet the Right Partner and Establish a Loving Relationship
  9. Manifest Divine Love Towards Family and Friends
  10. Better Health than Ever and Allow your Body to Heal Itself Naturally
  11. And More....

Specific acupuncture points, related meridians, and associate body sections are selected to balance the body and mind.

Technique include:
  1. Stress Level Assessment Test
  2. 7-minutes Brain Pattern Assessment
  3. Left / Right Brain Dominent Assessment Test
  4. Auditory / Visualization Kinetheory
  5. Number Writing Assessment
  6. Color Balancing Pattern
  7. Cystral Arrangement Pattern.
  8. Different Brain's Message Pattern.
  9. Etc...