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Mind-Body Acupuncture & Herbs can effectively help treat infertility.
Mind-Body Counseling Acupuncture can improve In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) outcomes.

What is Infertility? Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system that impairs one of the body's most basic functions of making baby.

Conception It is a complicated process that depends upon many factors:
  1. The production of healthy sperm by the man and healthy eggs by the woman
  2. Unblocked fallopian tubes that allow the sperm to reach the egg
  3. The sperm's ability to reach the egg
  4. A good quality embryo

Symptom and Sign Unable to achieve pregnancy after a year of unprotected intercourse
Benefit of Acupuncture Treatment
  1. Enhance general health
  2. Reduce stress, control anxiety, enhance sleep and increase energy level
  3. Balance endocrine system
  4. For female:
    1. Regulate menstrual cycle
    2. Improve blood flow in pelvic cavity
    3. Increase the chance of pregnancy for women undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF)
  5. For male:
    1. Invigorate sperm
    2. Enhance a man's sperm count and motility
Good candidates for Acupuncture and Herbal medicine

People who have a functional, rather than structural reason for infertility.

Infertility due to hormonal problems, immune disorders, amenorrhoea, irregular menstruation, stress and age related factors all fall into the category of functional infertility.

When is Acupuncture NOT the appropriate therapy?
Infertility involving structural modifications, such as fallopian tube damage or severe endometriosis. Therefore, a complete medical evaluation is recommended to understand the exact nature of the problem before decided using acupuncture treatment.

Treatment Plan
  1. Once a week for at least three consecutive cycles (twelve weeks)
  2. Treatments will begin with a comprehensive consultation in which you will discuss details of your menstrual cycle, medical history, lifestyle, nutrition and exercise habits
  3. Treatment will usually include acupuncture, customized herbal therapy, stress reduction and a reasonable diet

Diet (During Treatment)
  1. During regulating menstruation period, it is important not to eat food that are cold( Sushi, uncooked vegetables, salad, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries, tofu, crabs, bananas, pear, soy milk, kivi, ice cream, cold beverage) or sour(all citrus) in nature. They create stagnation and cause pain
  2. During the ovulatory phase, do not eat any cold nature food that cold the body
  3. Eat more nut and seeds
  4. Avoid overly spicy and pungent food
  5. Decrease processed food and increase organic food
  6. Avoid alcohol, coffee and cigarette smoking

"I had been trying to get pregnant for 5 years and had gone through one failed round of In Vitro Fertilization. My diagnosis didn’t look good: poor quality eggs. At 35, I was devastated that I wouldn’t be able to have my own children. At the urging of my new Reproductive Embryologist, I tried IVF one more time. I had heard that acupuncture helped a great deal with the stress associated with infertility. I was willing to give it a try.

I began seeing Dr. Yang in January. Upon first meeting him, I was struck by his kind and gentle manner. He immediately put me at ease. He had me come in twice a week for treatments. Along with infertility, I had major stress issues and allergies. I started to feel better after the first treatment. I was no longer lying awake at night with stress, I felt energetic, and I felt that I was in control of my body. I hadn’t felt this good in years!

After about a month of treatments, I began my IVF cycle. It was a success! I am now awaiting my first child. It is truly a miracle. I am convinced that Dr. Yang’s work was instrumental in my pregnancy. He is an expert at what he does. He really cares about the health and happiness of his patients.

Simply put, this doctor changed my life. I recommend Dr. Yang highly for whatever ails you. Make an appointment! You will not be disappointed!"

--------S, T, Pasadena 2010


Dear Dr Lam and Dr. Yang, I just want to thank you form the bottom of our heart for letting God work through you in giving us our baby or babies. I can’t thank you enough, you have been great.
--------Jacque and Caroline, Glendale CA.2010